quote_open  As an all season distance runner, I never imagined I would take up indoor group classes. 10 years later, I still find myself up at the crack of dawn twice a week to take Leticia’s spinning classes. Leticia is an excellent and very skilled instructor. She is the ideal mix of tough and kind and keeps a sense of humor. Her classes are always challenging and never boring and keep long term training and improvement in mind. Leticia is also very dedicated to her own fitness and to all of her students and she truly enjoys teaching, which really shows. Leticia is the best spinning instructor I’ve ever experienced and I feel lucky to have her in DC!  quote_closed

--Kate K. , Washington, DC



quote_open  I started on 1/3/18 and as of 4/3/18, I have lost 32-lbs.  I pair my spin classes at Wired with a low carb diet and what a great success! I don't do any other exercise besides walking. I plan on losing a lot more weight too, thanks to Wired. quote_closed


--Brittany H.,  Washington, D.C. 



quote_open  Leticia is more than the top spinning instructor in Washington, DC. Yes, her classes push her students to their own personal limits. But, she is also a motivator and a coach for each student who takes her class.  And this support and self-confidence is then carried outside the spinning studio.  quote_closed


--Laurie Saroff, Washington, DC






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