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Spring: The Perfect Time to “Awaken” Your Symphony to Get a Better You

There’s nothing like the beauty of spring flowers or a warm, end-of-winter breeze to awaken your inner orchestra. This orchestra—your orchestra has many wonderful instruments such as determination, focus, and intention. Sometimes the shorter days and gray skies of winter keep our instruments dormant. This spring why not let the renewing powerfulness of nature awaken our instruments so that we can create a symphony of change; both within ourselves and in our communities.

5 Tips to Keep Your Instruments Tuned:

1.     Reboot your brain—Try to avoid decision fatigue by creating a schedule for your workouts. Then stick to it.

2.     Recharge your body—Get a relaxing massage; it will help you think better.

3.     Rest your mind—Turn off the screens—all of them; no cheating.

4.     Manage the effects of daylight savings—Get a good night’s rest.

5.     Be still—Absorb the beauty and energy of spring a mental extension of your daily thoughts.




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