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6 Tips for Achieving Self-Control at Home, Work & the Gym

Whether you’re a leader trying to foster group cooperation, a dieter tempted by a high-calorie snack, or an athlete thinking of skipping a training session, Self-Control Dilemmas are real and challenging. When goal-conflicting thoughts start creeping into your head, think of these tips to help you avoid Self-Control Failure:

 1)    Take off your rose-colored glasses; behaviors that conflict with your goals can sabotage your efforts to meet those goals.

2)    Decide whether your choice is reflexive, habitual or intentional.

3)    Determine whether your choice meets your immediate desire, or accommodates your higher-level goals (e.g., getting in better shape, improving our health, relieving stress, etc.)

4)    Ask yourself if the choice you’re making is a reaction to a prior stimulus event or a deliberate action

5)    Be aware of the unconscious influence of your attitudes and beliefs when you’re trying to change as they can threaten your self-control.

6)    Avoid acrobatic contortions of self-justification when making your choices.

These 6 steps can help you avoid feeling out of control when faced with goal-breaking temptations. Give them a try and see how they can work for you.



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