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46-Day Breakup from Sugar/Carbs Challenge (March 1 to April 15, 2017)  

Kicking off our 3rd Week – Wednesday, March 15

Yesterday, I was asked if I were still on the “46-day diet.” I replied, “It isn’t a diet, rather, a renewed commitment to better self-care and self-protection.” As we all know, we are wired for self-protection. Just think about the time when you had to brace yourself because you thought a friend or family member drove too fast or took a last minute push through an intersection on a yellow light. It is our natural inclination to be safe from harm—to avoid danger.

Yet, somehow, the taste of great carbs and sugar seem to overpower our natural instincts and personal desire to live without disease. So, as we move forward on this journey, let’s keep in mind that with our need for self-protection and our focus on self-care, we have the tools we need to remain vigilant about our health and wellness.

--Leticia Long, Owner & Founder


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