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Good health is a cycle of change that occurs within ourselves, our families and our communities.


At Wired Cycling & Fitness Studio, everyone is welcome! Whether you’re a first-timer interested in improving health-related fitness, or a Cat. 3 racer seeking skill-related improvements, we got you covered! Wired Cycling’s indoor cycling,  TRX and yoga classes provide a fun and focused approach to improving your health, fitness, and wellness.  Come visit us today and get "Wired" with the latest technology and best instruction to ensure you achieve a body changing workout!  

We also host private events and fundraisers for local organizations and road cycling teams. For more information email: info@wiredcyclingdc.com













About the Owner:

Leticia Long, MSA, the creator of the Wired Cycling™ and Senior Fitizens™ Programs has been a leader in the fitness industry for almost two decades. Ms. Long is well-known for her commitment to exercise and training strategies that employ the latest research and best practices in sports medicine, exercise, and fitness.  Ms. Long’s deeply-rooted interest in medicine and neuroscience combined with her passion and desire to create “special moments of joy and achievement” makes her one of the leading "fitness gurus" in the area. 


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