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class descriptions


Just when you think you've hit your limit, you'll be surprised that you've got a little bit more...challenge your cardio and muscular endurance levels in this fun-filled workout!
This class maximizes your cardio fitness by incorporating the use of light weights. Also, the continuous exercise will increase your release of endorphins! Don't worry we'll make sure your back and spine are protected!
A smart 50 minute workout that targets your legs, core and upper body with a 30 min cycle & 15 min TRX combo.  Option: Skip the TRX and cycle for 45!
20-30 min. cycle/20-30 min TRX.
TRX Goal: To build functional strength for an active lifestyle and increased cycling performance. For beginners to advanced athletes. 
The TRX Suspension Trainer requires you to engage your core with every exercise. Be ready to get an effective total-body workout every class!
This is a no-nonsense, high energy class! Power and data metrics will not be used, instead great music and high intensity cycling will guide you through this extreme workout. 
The Foundations to Flow class focuses on developing the fundamentals of breath and alignment for a safe and strong yoga practice. Designed for both new and experienced students, classes provide modifications as well as opportunities to explore deeper expressions of each pose. The perfect solution for a busy lifestyle, classes emphasize calming and strengthening the body and mind, and encouraging the release of physical and emotional stress.
Push your fitness level with the motivating beats of today's hottest music. Work smart and hard with challenging efforts that are certain to spike your heart rate. We'll monitor your rpm, watts, and distance to make sure you meet your goal! 
Make the best use of your hour with a series of hard efforts aimed to improve your body’s ability to avoid oxygen debt!
Take your first step to better heath and performance, by attending a free introductory class. TRX suspension training offers cutting edge training and proven results to help you build strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and core stability using bodyweight resistance exercises.
Parent-Time Workouts”– Don’t let parenthood get in the way of your workouts. Bring your “little one” with you to this productive 45-minute cycling class. We’ll make sure you maximize your time with the latest technology and fitness strategies. Strollers and portable play yards will be parked in plain view to make sure you can nurture as needed. For more information, contact Leti Long, 202.400.1340.
A high energy workout with the ultimate club lighting effects to make sure you get the hippest, entertaining workout in town!
This extreme party workout fill up fast!
This is a private class for members of the American Academy of Pediatricians, DC.  
The perfect class for those seeking a great high-calorie burning workout.   This is a fun, high energy workout  for intermediate to advanced cyclists.
An 45 min. TRX Suspension training class that gives you a great 30 min power workout followed by 10-15 minutes of flexibility training.
Don't miss the opportunity to have DC's leading personal trainer get your body to be stronger than ever!
Use this 9-week training session to get stronger, faster, and fitter! Each 2 hour class is filled with training strategies to make sure you maintain or improve your performance and fitness levels. Select either the Saturday or Sunday Session. Registration available at Specialty Classes/Workshop on Mindbody or wiredcycling.com.

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