If you worked hard all summer, "Keep What You Got" by attending our our 90-Min Cycling Classes on 11/26, 12/3 and 12/10. Get Your Bike.

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instructor certification program

Next Session: October, 2017 TBD

The Wired Cycling Indoor Cycling Certification Program™ draws on new research and science opinion to convey a wide-range of skills, current knowledge, and best practices in cycling training and instruction.


This indoor cycling training activity is intended for individuals seeking an indoor cycling certification with the latest knowledge in exercise physiology, sports psychology, and social neuroscience. Or, for those simply seeking a self-assessment of their current skills and knowledge.  Your certification certificate is valid for 2 years.


The 4 steps to get Wired Cycling Certified:

  • Complete Online Registration and Payment - Only $199.00.  
  • Attend a 1 day instructional class. 
  • Use your Wired Cycling Training Guide to prepare for the online Assessment Exam. 
  • Take and pass the exam to receive your Wired Cycling Indoor Cycling Instructor certificate.

For more information, email: letilong@wiredcyclingdc.com.

The Wired Cycling Indoor Cycling Certification Program Overview


Chapter 1 — Establishing Good Bike Fit & Form

Chapter 2 — The Role of Energy and Successful Workouts

Chapter 3 — Fitness & Health Training Principles

Chapter 4 — Understanding the Basics of Power  

Chapter 5 — The Advantages of Threshold Training 

Chapter 6 — Facilitating Motivation and Performance

Chapter 7 — The Physical Realities of Cycling

Chapter 8 — Designing Indoor Class Formats on Matrix, Spinning, Keiser, Schwinn, Freemotion, etc.


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